Sports honor for the successful USCO competition youth

Due to the restrictions of the corona epidemic of the last 2 years, the athletes of the competitive youth from the Unterwassersportclub Obertshausen e. V. (USCO) for their achievements in 2019 at the Hessen Championships in fin swimming and distance diving in Darmstadt “unfortunately” only honored in a small circle.

The award took place during the last training session of the year in 2021 in the Monte Mare swimming pool in Obertshausen.

The following athletes each received a bronze medal from the city of Obertshausen for special athletic achievements:

  • Kiana Petzold became Hesse champion in the 50 m fin swimming discipline and with the 4 x 50 m relay for women.
  • Alina Christmann won the 50 m fin swimming discipline and the 4 x 50 m relay.
  • Giulia Cannizzo won with 4 x 100 m relay.
  • Bastian Dostal won over 100 m diving with compressed air and 25 m diving.
  • Florian Herbert won over 25 m distance diving and 50 m fin swimming

So-called monofins are almost always used in competitions. The sports equipment made of plastic gives the swimmers enormous propulsion and a high speed with which they sprint through the water. In addition, a special snorkel is used for breathing, which does not run to the side, but from the mouth over the nose upwards, which also ensures speed.

the UnterwasserSport Cor THEbertshausen e. V. ( is a member and the largest diving club in the Hessian Tauchsportverband e. V. (HTSV) as well as a member of the Verband Deutscher Spottaucher e. V. (VDST).

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