Sporting-Liverpool DIRETO (Youth League)

This Tuesday, Sporting hosts Liverpool in a single match for the Youth League quarter-finals, which we follow live. To reach this stage, Sporting beat Ajax, while Liverpool eliminated FC Porto.

It should be remembered that Filipe Celikkaya cannot use Fatawu (he scored 3 goals in the 5-1 victory over the Dutch), as he has already played in 3 European competition games: he entered the game with Arsenal on Thursday and had already participated in the matches against Tottenham (away) and Marseille (home) – both from the Champions League. Same as the eleven Mateus Fernandes and Travassos (injured).


13.02 hours: Start the match.


These are the teams:

Sporting: Diego Callai (c ); Goncalo Esteves, Gilberto Batista, Joao Muniz, David Monteiro; Samuel Justo and Marco Cruz; Rodrigo Marquês; Diogo Cabral, Rodrigo Ribeiro and Afonso Moreira

Substitutes: Francisco Silva, David Moreira, João Pereira, Guilherme Santos, Manuel Mendonça, Pedro Sanca and Rafael Nel.

Trainer: Filipe Celikkaya

Liverpool: Davies; Davidson, Miles, Jonas Scanlon; McConnell, Corness (c ), Stephenson, Clark; Doak e Frauendorf

Trainer: Barry Lewtas

Referee: Gergo Bogar (Hungary)

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