“Sport in prevention”: Register now for training as a trainer B

Frankfurt/Main. From December 15th to 19th, the German Table Tennis Association (DTTB) is offering the training for trainer B “Sport in Prevention” at the German Table Tennis Center in Düsseldorf. The registration deadline is October 9th, but early registration is recommended if you are interested: there are only eleven places available in total.

Above all, healthy people are the target group

The target group for preventive sports are primarily healthy people. The German Table Tennis Association has developed a program with a focus on cardiovascular training and playful elements from the sport of table tennis for adults. The positive effect of the “Preventive, playful cardiovascular training” program from the “Healthy Sport Table Tennis” course program on endurance has been scientifically proven. Due to the very high quality of the program, it has been awarded the “Sport pro Gesundheit” seal of quality by the German Olympic Sports Confederation.

Table tennis is great for the cardiovascular system

Almost everyone has played table tennis at least once. Scientific studies show that table tennis with specially selected forms of exercise is the ideal sport for strengthening the cardiovascular system. In addition to endurance training, the course program also includes coordination, strengthening and relaxation exercises and knowledge transfer.

Prevention that’s fun

With the support of the small, white table tennis ball, table tennis is a preventive offer that not only strengthens the health of the participant, but is also fun. The course program meets the criteria of the German Medical Association with regard to a preventive offer in the field of cardiovascular training.

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What the participants can expect

You will receive a well-founded qualification in the field of preventive sports in general and in particular in the individual elements of the “health sport table tennis” course program. The target group are healthy people who receive specific training to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

DOSB seal of quality SPORT PRO HEALTH

The training and learning objectives include: basics of sports medicine; planning, conducting and evaluating training units in health sports; long-term course planning; Health-oriented endurance training with table tennis; health-oriented strengthening training;
relaxation training; Technique transfer for “older” beginners.

With the training as trainer B “Sport in Prevention” you also have the opportunity to apply for the SPORT PRO HEALTH seal of quality from the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) for your club.

Eligibility requirements and registration deadline

Those interested can register until October 9th. The price of the course is EUR 499 per person including accommodation in a single room and meals.

All holders of a trainer or trainer C license with at least one year of trainer experience in a club can take part.

The license remains valid for four years after receipt.

Registration form and contact

If you have any questions about this offer or for further information on the subject of health sports, please contact Daniel Ringleb at [email protected] (Phone 069 695019-35).

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