Splitting the distance again?… ‘Three-stage upgrade’ continued to point out “confused” over long agony

Input 2020.12.18 16:27

The number of confirmed coronavirus infections in Korea exceeded 1,000 a day for the last three days. However, it is known that confusion will increase as the government is known to be reviewing the ‘2.5 step + α (alpha)’ measures to add a group prohibition facility in detail rather than raising social distancing in the third step.

On the 18th, citizens are waiting in line to receive corona tests at the plaza in front of Seoul City Hall, where the temporary screening and inspection center in Jung-gu was established. /yunhap news

On the 17th, the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Central Accident Control Headquarters (heavy water version) announced the’Guidelines for Minimizing Blind Spots for Prevention’, which supplements the current 2.5 steps of social distancing.

According to the new guidelines,’Hold’em Pub’, where you drink and play games from 0 o’clock on the 19th, was included in the group ban. If an individual hosts a party or event in a hotel or other lodging facility, the permitted number of seats will be strictly observed, and if this is violated, the person will move out immediately. Ski resorts will close at 9 pm, and private companies are advised to work from home and expand the jet lag system.

Sohn Young-rae, head of the Strategic Planning Division, Jungsu-bon, explained, “It is aimed at improving the problems raised in step 2.5 of the current metropolitan area distancing.” In fact, rather than raising the distance to self-employed workers in the third stage of’Korea Shutdown’, it is trying to maximize the effect of the 2.5 stage of distance from the metropolitan area by regulating the places that have been loopholes in quarantine management.

Currently, the size of coronavirus infection confirmed patients has already exceeded the standard of the final three stages of social distancing. The average daily number of confirmed cases in the region over the past week was 934.4. The criterion for the 3rd stage of distance is’over 800 to 1000 people nationwide or a rapid increase such as doubling’. Along with the number of confirmed cases, the number of deaths and seriously ill patients is also increasing rapidly.

However, voices of dissatisfaction that the method of dividing the steps by not complying with the government’s distancing principle is increasing the confusion.

An office worker Minmo (31) said, “I have grasped the existing step-by-step quarantine guidelines through articles and the Internet, but I am confused as to what beats to match as the targets for banning gatherings have changed in a’plus alpha’ way.” He also asked, “The restaurant is also changing to allow only packaging, but should I cancel all appointments?”

Some point out that even though the requirements of the third stage have been met, the stage has not been upgraded, raising the burden on the medical community.

Eun-mi Chun, professor of respiratory medicine at Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital, said, “There are already patients who die while waiting for a bed, but if the medical system collapses, the third stage cannot be prevented.” “The economy and quarantine cannot achieve a parallel line. “The shortage of manpower is a more serious problem.”

Meanwhile, the government initiated an internal review to raise social distancing in the third stage, but maintained the position that it decided as carefully as possible, taking into account the socio-economic impact that the third stage would bring. At a briefing on the 18th, Son said in a briefing on the 18th, “there is considerable economic damage when upgrading to the third stage.”

If the government upgrades to the third stage, the number of multi-use facilities that are banned or restricted in operation is estimated to reach 2.30 million. “In the case of multi-use facilities, all multi-use facilities such as stores, movie theaters, wedding halls, beauty salons, and PC cafes, excluding the purchase of daily necessities and medicines, will cease.” “This number is 1.12 million nationwide. , Considering only the metropolitan area, it amounts to about 500,000,” he explained.


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