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GridHype.ID – Ever heard of enoki mushroom? or do you consume it often?

Maybe some of you are familiar with processed enoki mushrooms.

These days, processed Enoki mushrooms are on the rise in the country.

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The mushrooming of East Asian specialties such as Japanese and Korean cuisine is also one of the reasons.

The reason, many enoki mushrooms we encounter in Japanese and Korean cuisine.

There are various types of mushrooms in the world that are often used as cooking ingredients, one of which is enoki mushrooms which can also be found in Indonesia.

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However, enoki mushroom has recently been linked to the emergence of listeria outbreaks.

Listeria is an infection caused by the Listeria monocytogenes bacteria.

People affected by listeria usually after eating food that has been contaminated with these germs.

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This disease mainly attacks pregnant women, newborns, parents aged 65 years and over, and people who have weak immune systems, quoted from the official website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States.

In March 2020 the South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety discovered Listeria monocytogenes in enoki mushrooms produced by the two Ginseng companies.

In addition, the CDC also withdrew enoki mushroom production from the two companies after conducting research and found Listeria monocytogenes, as reported by the official CDC website.

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Launching the site Specialtyproduce.com, enoki mushrooms are cultivated in Japan, Korea and China.

Used as ingredients for cooking and traditional medicine.

So what is the origin of the enoki mushroom?

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Cultivated wild plants

Enoki is a small inclined shaped mushroom, thick stems filled with many mushroom caps.

Enoki mushrooms have various names, including enokitake, velvet foot, golden needle, lily mushroom, enoko-take, jingu (in China), nam kim cham (Vietnam), and paengi beoseot (Korea).

Some enoki mushrooms are cultivated or grown in the wild.

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Enoki has been growing in the wild since 800 BC, especially in East Asia and North America.

Usually grows in groups on tree trunks, such as Chinese hackberry trees, persimmons, and mulberries.

Meanwhile, Japan was the first to cultivate enoki mushrooms which are now becoming popular in various countries.

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This fungus usually grows in a dark environment that is rich in carbon dioxide, so that the stem is long, thin, and white.

As ingredients and traditional medicine

Enoki mushrooms are used in Asian cuisine, such as Japan, Korea and China. Enoki which is usually used for cooking ingredients is cultivated, not grown in the wild.

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In China, this fungus is believed to reduce the symptoms of diseases associated with intestinal problems, blood pressure, and liver.

Meanwhile in Japan, this mushroom is usually frozen like ice and then used to mix tea, soup, and curry.

Enoki mushrooms are also the main ingredient of nametake, a condiment commonly used as a spice in soups, pasta, sauteed dishes, and rice.

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