Špinar ends up leading the National Theater drama due to the rigidity of the official stage

In a video he posted on his Facebook page on Sunday, he stated that he could no longer survive in the environment of the theater establishment. According to Špinar, the official Czech scene is rotting, it is not moving anywhere, it is ossified and he has no room to do anything about it.

“It’s an environment full of fear, newsagents, routines, cynicism, where it’s not about the theater at all and where a lot of manipulation is done and the tactic ‘I do you, you me’ is used,” says Špinar.

“I’ve never belonged to a party, I’ve always had to cut everything hard, and yet I still encounter a huge wave of mistrust and I still hear that I can’t behave. Understand that I can’t dance to a song by the official theater establishment. “

According to him, he blamed the unsustainable state “specific people in various positions, who accumulate functions and remain in them for decades.”

Although he did not name anyone, it is clear that these are disagreements, especially with the director of the National Theater, Jan Burian, which concern both his work in the theater and at the AMU Theater Faculty.

Špinar supports the initiative of DAMU students No! You have to endure it, drawing attention to the alleged bullying, sexism and other forms of abuse of teaching by DAMU teachers towards students.

He demands the immediate resignation of Burian from the position of head of the Department of Drama Theater at DAMU, which he has held since 2001, and has been working there as a teacher since 1992.

At the same time, he does not share artistic opinions with Burian and other representatives of the “theater establishment”.

His ideal is a theater without a permanent ensemble, where the actors are hired for a specific project and theme, as well as against the constant “revival of classics”, which he would like to exchange for authorial work based on the theme.

“The first Czech stage cannot be turned into an author’s theater. An important part of his work must remain a modern interpretive theater and have a solid ensemble composed of leading actors, “argues Burian.

He judges about Špinar’s work at the National Theater: “He has done a great deal of work there, which is demanding and tiring.” An audition will be announced for the position of artistic director of the National Theater Drama.


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