Spike: ‘New DI-RECT album has more than ever to do with reality’ | NOW

The Dutch band DI-RECT will release their new album on Friday Wild Hearts from. According to guitarist Spike of the band, because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the album has more to do with the current circumstances than ever.

The new album of the band comes out after two singles that are also on the record were released earlier. Soldier On in Color. Wild Hearts is the name of the title track on the album. According to Spike, this single represents the meaning of the album.

“It’s a song about resilience, people want their own place in society and fight to maintain their own identity,” said the guitarist.

The songs on the album have “more than ever to do with reality”, according to Spike. “The outbreak of the coronavirus has affected the whole world and it is precisely now that people must unite and be there for each other. We also want to be free, of course, although that is not always possible now.

Coronavirus caused a different way of working

The outbreak of the coronavirus meant that DI-RECT had to work together in a different way to bring about the Wild Hearts to realise. “We previously recorded a number of songs in Berlin, but at one point we were all at home. For example, we sent instrumental recordings to each other and then combined them in a studio at home.”

Spike saw the fact that he could not work on new music in one room with the other band members as a disadvantage. “It also gave me food for thought and at times I felt even less constrained,” said the guitarist.

This Saturday, DI-RECT will perform at the Electricity Factory in The Hague. The band will play all the songs from the album there and fans can watch the concert via a live stream.

Spike says he is confident that the band can offer fans a great show despite the limitations. “It starts at the location. You don’t often experience performing in an old factory.”


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