Spike in cases in the US: 10 states touched new records of cases in the last few days

Campaign for the use of masks in Florida. The number of deaths from coronavirus in the US has fallen significantly, but the curve of hiv infections is on the rise (Reuters)

A number of U.s. states have reported an significant increase of new infections by coronavirusesdays before a rally, election of the president by Donald Trump in Tulsa, which will be the largest concentration of people under the roof in three months.

The increase in the cases of coronavirus in many states in the past two weeks, along with the increase in hospitalizations for COVID-19, presents a worrying trend, since the figures in daily infections have been rising after more than a month to the poor. Thus, the daily amount of deaths, that is on the decline, could again increase.

Oklahoma, where Trump celebrated the reunion with his supporters, he recorded a record of 259 new cases in the previous 24 hours, while Florida had more than 2,600 new cases (the second highest daily gain) and Arizona more than 1,800 (also second rise higher, a day after setting a new record). There were also new milestones of hiv infections in Nevada, Oregon, California and Texas.

Supporters of Trump are already camping outside the place where he held his first rally in more than three months (Reuters)

Supporters of Trump are already camping outside the place where he held his first rally in more than three months (Reuters)

In Arizona, where doctors, nurses and health care managers have asked for the masks are compulsory throughout the state in public places, governor Doug Ducey said that it would delegate to local authorities the decision on imposing such a rule and how to enforce it. “If you leave the house, wear a mask. It is the smartest thing that you can do,” he said.

For its part, Texas reported to 3,100 new cases coronavirus on Wednesday, its highest figure so far, along with other historical record of hospitalizations for COVID-19, nearly 2,800 patients. This is the sixth day in a row that the number of patients admitted by the virus has reached record levels. Although Texas has not indicated how many of their patients COVID-19 hospitalized have entered in intensive care units, there are 1500 ICU beds available across the state, according to a state website.

The count journal of infections also reached a new maximum in Californiawith more than 4,000 cases registered throughout the state on Wednesday. Only Los Angeles county recorded its largest daily gain, more than 2,100 new cases, although several hundred were attributed to a delay in results of previous tests that were published at one time.

In addition, three other territories -Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina – experienced this week records in its average spread in the last seven days, according to an analysis of the journal The Washington Post.

Controls social distancing in a bar in Austin, Texas (Reuters)

Controls social distancing in a bar in Austin, Texas (Reuters)

The country is facing the process of desescalada two speeds: the fast pace promoted in the states ruled by the Republican Party-to which belongs the president of the Donald Trump-or the most cautious-that have led to nearly all the territories led by the democratic opposition.

Two of the states which registered a record number of infections on Tuesday, Nevada (379 new cases) and Oregon (278), are governed by democrats; but the first is one of the few remaining progressives who has been reopened quickly, and its largest city -Las Vegas – has just announced a pause in the re-opening of business. In Oregon, the authorities have attributed the figure to an outbreak in a church that has already infected more than 200 people, and the office of the governor, Kate Brown, has not ruled on Tuesday to change its strategy of desescalada.

In contrast, a rethinking of the plans of opening is not an option for the leaders of Florida, Texas and Arizonathree states in the hands of republicans who have opted for the desescalada fast.

In Florida, that reopened with strength and seeks to restart the engine cheap, the amount of people that die per day has not increased, but the percentage of new positive with respect to the whole of cases: 10.3 per cent on Wednesday, against 5.5 per cent on Wednesday of last week, according to the Department of Health.

Hundreds of people enjoy the 10 June 2020 at the beach in Miami Beach, Florida. EFE/Giorgio Viera

Hundreds of people enjoy the 10 June 2020 at the beach in Miami Beach, Florida. EFE/Giorgio Viera

The picture is not concern to the White House, where the vice-president Mike Pence denied that the country is experiencing a “second wave” of cases coronavirus, and blamed the media for “scaring the american people”.

The political team of Trump, meanwhile, went ahead with plans for a campaign rally on Saturday in Tulsa, the first event of this kind from that imposed confinements in much of the country in march to fight against the coronavirus.

The public health experts are concerned that to meet thousands of people shouting and singing inside a stadium, especially if many do not wear maskas the rally could turn into a “superevento of propagation” of the coronavirus.

In an interview with Fox News on Wednesday, Trump repeated the statement he made in the past that the coronavirus, with or without the arrival of a vaccine or a new treatment to be effective, it is extinguished. “Is going to extinguish, but to have a vaccine it would be very good, and that’s going to happen”, he added.

The advisors of the campaign of Trump see the rally as an opportunity to rejuvenate his political base after a series of opinion polls, national and state, show the president to be lagging behind his opponent democrat Joe Biden.

The governor of Oklahoma, Kevin Stitt, said during a briefing Wednesday that the state authorities were doing everything possible to ensure that the event is “as safe as possible”.

A customer of a casino in El Reno, Oklahoma (Reuters)

A customer of a casino in El Reno, Oklahoma (Reuters)

Responsible for health of Oklahoma recommend to everyone that attend the rally that is to be tested for coronavirus before you arrive, and that isolate themselves after and do the test again. The commissioner of health, urged those at high risk of serious illness from COVID-19 —older people and people with underlying conditions— to stay at home.

Biden accused Trump of “surrender” before the pandemic coronavirus and not to be prepared for a resurgence that could put in danger the economic recovery of the united States.

57% of adults in the u.s. is called the national management of the COVID-19 as sufficient or poor, especially to the view that the united States has the health care system the most expensive in the worldaccording to a survey by Gallup and West Health released Thursday

The figures are a warning to the president, Donald Trump, and his team at the White House, eager to change the conversation to leave behind the estimates show a growing number of people killed by the pandemic in the united States and focus on a message about resilience in the u.s. and the economic revival, which would help his re-election campaign.

(With information from Reuters, EFE and AP)


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