Spider-Man does not have its own story missions in Avengers. The developers decided to focus on gameplay instead

On November 30, Spider-Man will finally enter Marvel’s Avengers. Previously, there has been talk that the hero addition would come with unique story missions, but we will not have that much fun. Instead of telling Peter Parker’s story on assignment, we will instead get audio logs and illustrated intermediate sequences when we meet specific in-game challenges. A little sad, but it’s something anyway.

Instead of giving Spider-Man a proper story, the developers have instead focused on improving the upcoming Klaw raid, which will also be added to the game on November 30. The motivation behind the decision is that Crystal Dynamics wanted to offer something that is fun for all players, not just offer something that can only be enjoyed by Playstation players.

Below you have a preview of Spider-Man in Avengers from IGN.



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