Spider-Man 3: filming just started in New York

Under the code name “Serenity Now”.

The spider-man will be able to start weaving his web again between two buildings in Manhattan. New York has welcomed the production team of Spider-Man 3, one of the next MCU films, for its shooting.

The announcement is not entirely official, but first leaked to Brazil, to the chief marketing officer of Sony Pictures, before being confirmed by a few photos taken in the streets of the Big Apple lately. , where the project “Serenity Now” (code name of the shooting of Spider-Man 3) starts blocking a few streets, on the Queens side in particular …

The film’s debut this fall suggests that Marvel and Sony have every intention of releasing Tom Holland’s New Adventures next year. Originally scheduled for July 2021, Spider-Man 3 will be released in December 2021, if filming can go as planned.


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