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… Spicy pumpkin latte, shortbread and peanut butter – autumn / winter collection of “Excellence” ice cream created in the mood of “world flavors”. Just like in the world of high fashion, the autumn of the production calendar of the gourmet ice cream brand “Ekselence” is the time of presenting the new taste collections. Therefore, with the onset of the coldest and at the same time coziest season of the year, Latvia’s leading dairy and ice cream company Food Union has created three innovative, spoon-edible “Ekselences” ice creams – they take the experience of enjoying world-famous desserts and ice cream to a new level.

The new “Excellence” collection has been created in the Riga-based “Food Union” ice cream competence center with the aim to sell products in both Latvian and other foreign export markets, including Asia from 2022. The amount of investment invested in the development of ice cream recipes, packaging solution and launch of products on the market is estimated at around 50 thousand euros.

Excellence is our most sophisticated ice cream brand, so whatever the season, its news is always created with the aim of creating an unprecedented bouquet of tastes and sensory sensations for consumers. We come to this result by combining the world’s most current food production trends with the highest quality raw materials in Europe and the traditions of the Latvian ice cream industry, which started 50 years ago in the Food Union group company Rīgas piena kombināts, ” tells Sandra Usačeva, Food Union ice cream brand manager.

Each of the three new ice creams in the “Excellence” autumn / winter collection stands out with a unique texture and an unprecedented combination of world-famous dessert flavors in a frozen way:

  • Excellence Pumpkin Spice Latte“Ice cream will become an ally for those whose taste buds appreciate strong contrasts – a combination of coffee ice cream with spicy pumpkin saucewhich leaves a real Christmas aftertaste.
  • It will be doubly exciting “Ekselence Vanilla & Chocolate Cookie Dough”Or two-tone vanilla and chocolate ice cream with shortcrust pastry and pieces of chocolate.
  • In turn, the visually seemingly calm, beige shades ”Ekselence Peanut Butter CrunchIce cream will surprise gourmets with a peanut eruption, because it combines creamy peanut butter with crispy peanut pieces.

At the same time, all the novelties are united by their main ingredient – rich and airy ice cream of real milk and sour cream. The products are packed in 500 ml cardboard boxes, which is the perfect solution for enjoyable moments at home or at parties.

The full range of new flavors is already available in the “Food Union” online store www.pienaveikals.lv, while a selection of ice creams from the new “Ekselence” collection is available in national level food supermarkets “Maxima” and “Rimi”, as well as in other popular stores throughout Latvia.

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