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São Paulo and representatives of Daniel Alves hope to define the situation between club and player until Sunday (11). Despite remaining resentments, the two parties are optimistic about reaching an agreement to terminate the contract, valid until December 2022. If this does not happen, a legal dispute will be inevitable.

Despite the hurts and tensions built up in the last few hours, both parties understand that prolonging the soap opera would be bad for everyone. Therefore, there is an effort to solve the problem in the next few hours. But, until the conclusion of this post, there were still many differences to be overcome.

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Talks to settle the club’s debt with the player began in April and turned into a long and painful process. This Friday (10), the board announced that the midfielder and full-back will no longer play for the club.

Until Friday, the debt in question was R$ 15 million. Of this amount, R$ 12 million refer to what São Paulo calls the purchase of economic rights and the remainder in payment of commission to those who intermediated the negotiation. For the athlete’s representatives, the R$ 12 million are in labor debts.

This Saturday, the debt reaches approximately R$ 18 million because the day before another installment was due. The values ​​were revealed by journalist André Plihal, from ESPN, and confirmed by the blog.

The talks began with an attempt to reach an agreement to pay the debt in installments. Daniel Alves was irritated by understanding that São Paulo repeatedly failed to meet deadlines to present a proposal after a meeting.

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When the offer came, it was considered bad. Since then, the termination of the contract has been negotiated.

Again there was an impasse. From Daniel Alves’ side, the complaint is that the installment payment offered to pay off the debt is too long. São Paulo’s intention was to split the debt in almost three years. Payment would start in 2022, as shown by journalist Marcelo Hazan, from the Goal website, and confirmed by the blog.

Around Daniel Alves there is an understanding that São Paulo did not make an effort to solve the problem. At the club, the complaint is similar. The speech is that nothing was good for the player and his representatives.

In the return of the games for the Brazilian selection for the qualifiers, Daniel Alves decided not to play for São Paulo. The club was informed of the decision by its representatives. As the blog found out, the player understood that it was better to wait for the agreement, which seemed very viable. Despite the differences, advances had been made.

São Paulo reacted with a statement given by its director of soccer, Carlos Belmonte. He announced that the board has decided to inform coach Hernán Crespo that Dani is no longer available to play. The manager also said that no player is bigger than the club.

The adopted tone upset the athlete. There was an expectation of a more diplomatic reaction from São Paulo, as an attempt at amicable termination was already underway.

In Barra Funda and Morumbi there is also dissatisfaction with the way the athlete behaved during the negotiation.

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In this climate full of sorrows, negotiations continue with the player being represented by lawyers Breno Tannuri and André Ribeiro.

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