Spezia-Fiorentina 2-2, Turin-Cagliari 2-3: Belotti is not enough, Di Francesco flies

The Fiorentina throw away two points and in the end he risks collapsing at home with him Spice. After having gone 2-0 in the first 4 ‘, Iachini’s team stopped playing and got back together. Callejon, arrived to replace Church, he enters only at 78 ‘and little is seen. He smiles Spice, which amply deserved the draw. The Torino collects the third knockout in three games and remains at the bottom of the standings at zero. Not enough a Giampaolo the usual Belotti, author of a brace. Gallo, at 4 in three games, is the only one to have scored so far in his team. The Cagliari after going down, he showed more determination and nastiness and in the end he took home his first victory of the championship, deserved and heavy, because it can be an important momentum for the season.

Spezia 2-2 Fiorentina

The Fiorentina, with Callejon on the bench, very strong part. Two goals in the first 4 minutes: on 2 ‘he is the captain Pezzella to unlock the result, left all alone in the area on the development of a corner kick. At 4 ‘ Biraghi sign the doubling and the game seems already on ice. Even because Italiano must do without the bomber Galabinov, replaced by the baby Little ones. However, Iachini’s team makes the mistake of pulling the oars into the boat too soon. Ribery it is practically never seen. The Spice, after having collected the 1-2, manages to get up and at 39 ‘finds the goal that reopens the match with Verde which exploits a sensational smooth of Caceres and face to face with Dragowski not wrong. There Fiorentina protest at the position of Verde, but the attempted intervention of Caceres, who touches the ball, puts it back into play. Fiorentina does not shake and Italiano find the winning move with Farias, who enters and immediately goes a step away from a draw at 67 ‘, touching the intersection of the posts from the edge of the area. Then in the 74th minute the striker from Spezia made no mistake, signing the 2-2 on the development of a corner kick. There Fiorentina fails to remove the ball from his area and eventually has to bow. At 78 ‘it is time to Callejon which comes in place of Castrovilli. The entrance of the former del Naples but it doesn’t change the game. Fiorentina continues to suffer and in the 92nd minute Nzola on the fly touches the coup.

Spezia-Fiorentina, match report and statistics

Turin-Cagliari 2-3

The Torino starts well and finds the goal after only 4 ‘with the usual Belotti on rigor. Cragno stretches out Lukic and from the disk the Gallo not wrong. After the excellent start, however, the grenades fall asleep and suffer the reaction of the Cagliari, who becomes master of the field. At 12 ‘ Joao Pedro finds the equal goal on the developments of the corner kick with the defense of Toro Immobile. Eusebio’s team By Francesco keep playing the game. Simeone at 20 ‘finds the winning flick to overturn the result using an empty intervention by Lyanco which puts him in a position to beat Sirigu. Torino is off and does not react. The Cagliari gives the impression of being able to pierce him at any moment, especially on the right, where Zappa e Nandez they sow panic. The interval is providential for the Torino, which can rearrange ideas. In fact, in the 49th minute the grenade found the equalizer with a nice right-footed shot, again by Belotti, who rose to four in three games with this brace. The Torino he plays much better than in the first half and tries to play the game by attacking with more continuity. Cagliari is dangerous in the restart, at 63 ‘touches the trio with Thin. The Sardinians, however, find the goal of 2-3 at 73 ‘with Simeone lurking, ready to exploit a mess of Sirigu that does not hold the ball. Two minutes later Di Francesco sent Pavoletti on the field, in place of Cholito. At 82 ‘it is always the usual Belotti who tries, but his header does not frame the goal. In full recovery, first Verdi, and then Belotti with a fantastic overhead kick, nearly equalized.

Turin-Cagliari, match report and statistics

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