Spend the summer in the Czech Republic, the government wanted. The number of sick people is increasing, people are canceling their stays!

Some people are increasingly underestimating the situation and the result is an increase in cases in recent weeks. Currently, a record 4788 people are ill. Which is the most since the outbreak of the pandemic in early March.

What did it look like most places in the Czech Republic over the weekend? Crowds of people from all over the country in one place and the associated high risk of coronavirus infection.

“We had a relatively low incidence at the beginning of the summer and paradoxically it could lead to everyone saying to each other – nothing is happening. But it is not, the virus is simply here and can find the sensitive places,” warns the chief hygienist Jarmila. Rážová.

Until recently, the government called on citizens to spend the summer in the Czech Republic to minimize the risk of infection. Now, however, a holiday in some foreign countries seems to be a safer option due to the number of infected.

“It seems that the Czech Republic is very busy, in some localities there are really many people, whether it is Sněžka or some other places where a large number of people gather. And abroad, the resorts are half empty. This means that it is in this moment is much better if someone wants to rest to go abroad, “says Jan Papež, spokesman for the Association of Travel Agencies of the Czech Republic.

“I certainly think that it is safe in the Czech Republic and now we see all over the world, in Europe, that the number is increasing in some countries, but this is certainly not a problem for us,” Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES) reassures his passions.

According to the Ministry of Health, people should not underestimate the situation, they should follow the advice of hygienists and observe distances, and regularly wash and disinfect their hands.

“If we behave according to the three basic principles in those camps as well, it is good that people went on holiday, they deserve them and it is also the support of the Czech economy,” says the chief hygienist.

According to some operators of accommodation facilities, the number of those who cancel their stays in Czech pensions and camps for the following days is growing with the number of those infected.

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