Spelunky 2 Trailer – The rogue-like will feature online multiplayer, there’s a release date

Trailer Spelunky 2 – The rogue-like will feature online multiplayer and there’s a release date

Expected on PC and PlayStation 4, Spelunky 2 took advantage of Sony’s State of Play to give back its news. Indeed, the demanding rogue-like offering you to dig again and again has just unveiled a brand new trailer.

For this new edition, Spelunky 2 will once again offer to explore randomly generated dungeons, but this time, you are not alone. In addition to a local multiplayer mode, Spelunky 2 will allow players to dig further with friends located on the other side of the planet thanks to the arrival of an online multiplayer mode.

Spelunky 2 will explore hostile mines from September 15 on PlayStation 4. The title will then land on PC.

By JeromeJoffard, Writing jeuxvideo.com


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