Speeding 12 Kilometers per Second, Huge Asteroid Approaching Earth, Terrible Impact Revealed

PEOPLE’S MIND – At 12 kilometers per second, a asteroid big will pass close Earth this week.

For astronomer predicts that this week there will be a natural phenomenon where asteroid big will pass close Earth.

On top of that, they also exposed the matter of the level of danger if asteroid big to hit Earth.

The Daily Star newspaper quoted the astronomer who said that asteroid which they call 2022 MQ, is moving at a speed of 12 kilometers per second approaching Earth.

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Scientists have indicated that asteroidwhich is roughly the size of a “London Eye” wheel, will crash into the planet’s orbit Earth.

The newspaper quoted scientists at the US space agency “NASA” which says, that any object in space that is more than 100 meters in length, will be able to create a destructive force ten times greater than that caused by a volcanic eruption.

According to scientists, “2022MQ” will approach 1.79 million miles from Earth on June 27, learned that its diameter was estimated to range from 230 to 525 feet.

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Track disclosure asteroid “2022 MQ” takes place a month after the track asteroid “EX 2013”, which is 440 feet in diameter and flies 3.92 million miles above Earth.

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