Speed ​​camera in Freiburg im Breisgau currently Tuesday: where you can get caught in a speed camera on December 6, 2022

Speed ​​offenders in Freiburg im Breisgau are threatened with large fines this Tuesday (December 6, 2022) because flashes are being used again. All information about mobile speed cameras and where you should pay special attention today can be found here at news.de.

In Freiburg im Breisgau According to current information, 2 mobile radar boxes are currently being installed. Of the Traffic is subject to constant and adequate surveillance by the Baden-Württemberg police. Temporary speed measurements throughout the city of Freiburg im Breisgau are therefore to be planned.

The locations of the speed cameras in Freiburg im Breisgau on December 6, 2022

In the Via Hermann Mitsch, ZIP code 79108 in Bruehl (speed limit 70 km/h) is currently active Blitzers built. The position was reported on December 6, 2022 at 09:13 am. (View the location on the map.)

In addition, there is a speed camera In Isfahan, ZIP code 79108 in Zähringen set, speed limit here: 100 km/h. The position is known as of 06/12/2022, 08:07. (View the location on the map.)

(to: 06.12.2022, 11:17)

With adapted driving behavior you not only protect yourself, but also all other road users. Therefore, always stick to the specified maximum speeds and show consideration for cyclists and pedestrians.

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What fine should I expect if they flashed me?

The Road Traffic Act (StVO) is certainly known to everyone. In connection with the catalog of fines, this regulates the penalties for exceeding the permitted speeds. As a rule, you have to expect fines here, if the violation is higher, even points in Flensburg or even a driving ban can be added. Unless otherwise specified, the maximum speed outside built-up areas is 100 km/h and in built-up areas 50 km/h.

Rules for cars in urban areas

violation Strafing Points traffic ban
about 10 km/h €30
11 – 15 km/h €50
16 – 20 km/h €70
21 – 25 km/h €115 1
26 – 30 km/h €180 1 1 month
31 – 40 km/h €260 1 1 month
41 – 50 km/h €400 2 1 month
51 – 60 km/h €560 2 Two months
61 – 70 km/h €700 2 3 Fun
over 70 km/h €800 2 3 Fun

Out-of-town car rules

violation Strafing Points traffic ban
about 10 km/h €20
11 – 15 km/h €40
16 – 20 km/h €60
21 – 25 km/h €100 1
26 – 30 km/h €150 1 1 month
31 – 40 km/h €200 1 1 month
41 – 50 km/h €320 2 1 month
51 – 60 km/h €480 2 1 month
61 – 70 km/h €600 2 2 Sweet
over 70 km/h €700 2 3 Fun

What about the tolerance deduction for mobile speed cameras?

In principle, the accuracy of the measurements can vary from device to device, which is why the applied tolerance deduction can also vary. However, no distinction is made between fixed and mobile speed cameras. As a rule, at speeds of up to 100 km/h exactly 3 km/h is deducted. Speeds above this are typically reduced by 3 percentage points before the fine is enforced.

How mobile speedometers work

In contrast to fixed or stationary cameras, mobile speed cameras have the advantage that they can be installed flexibly and quickly at the roadside. In most cases, the element of surprise comes from the police. In addition, mobile speed cameras can be used to monitor specific black spots from accidents even more precisely. As a rule, radar- or laser-based devices are used for mobile speed checks. But black light flashers or devices that evaluate brightness profiles using sensors are also common. Mobile flash units usually don’t flash both ways, just forwards, so you can capture the driver’s face as well as the license plate to give an idea.

Speed ​​camera apps and radar detectors are prohibited while driving

According to Section 23 of the Road Traffic Act, StVO for short, drivers are prohibited from using or carrying around ready-to-use technical devices intended to display or interrupt traffic monitoring measures. Not only radar detectors are affected, but so-called laser jammers as well. If you have a mobile phone with a speed camera app installed, you don’t have to worry about a thing at first. It is only punishable if you turned it on while driving. However, if you have an external radar detector installed on your dashboard and it is ready for use within a short time via a power supply, you are committing an offense under the road traffic law.

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