Speculation confirmed. Bagar announced the end of her relationship with Muradov

The singer and juror of the Superstar singing competition Monika Bagárová no longer forms a couple with Makhmud Muradov. The singer announced her sad news to her fans on the instagram.

On Saturday, Bagarova confirmed speculation that she no longer formed a couple with the MMA wrestler and her daughter Ruminka’s father. “I think it’s fair to tell you that we are no longer a family. Mainly because you were at our beginning, also at the birth of our Ruminka, and I know that many of you kept our fingers crossed for us,” the singer wrote on instagram for the family photo.

It is said that there were several reasons for the break-up, but not one of Bagárová mentioned it. “We will both try to ensure that the Romanians do not miss a smile and joy in life,” Bagárová said, adding that it is not easy for her to talk about the end of the relationship.

According to her, Bagárová withdraws from social networks for some time so that she can “get together”. “I believe that you will think of us and that you will forgive me,” the singer added, promising the fans that they would see each other again soon.

Wrestler Muradov has not yet commented on the breakup with Bagarov on his social networks. He spent Christmas Day in his native Kazakhstan with strength and conditioning training. And as he shared in his Instagram story, he at least made a video call with little Ruminka on the holiday.

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Touching moments. See how Monika and Makhmud were waiting for their daughter to be born (October 2020):



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