Speculation Arises for a Resident Evil 5 Remake Following Separate Ways Expansion Ending

Speculation Arises for a Resident Evil 5 Remake Following Separate Ways Expansion Ending


The Separate Ways add-on for the Resident Evil 4 remake is already available to all players. And the final scenes of the storyline gave rise to speculation about the Japanese studio’s future plans.

Capcom willingly takes on the development of games in the Resident Evil universe, which was influenced not only by the very good reception from the audience, but, above all, by the result of sales of 146 million copies. At the same time, developers are willing to release remakes of old parts, allowing players to revisit intriguing stories from many years ago in a completely new setting.

Spoilers for the ending of Separate Ways follow.

At the end of the Separate Ways expansion for Resident Evil 4 Remake, we witness a scene that may prepare fans of the series for the Resident Evil 5 remake. Players follow Ada Wong – the main character is having a telephone conversation after completing a task and categorically disagrees with the intentions of the director. She ends up “changing course”, which doesn’t upset Albert Wesker too much.

Let’s remember that in the last minutes of the original addition we see Ada getting into a helicopter and flying away – the developers changed the ending in such a way that Wesker comes to the fore. Many fans have suggested that this is a hint at work on a remake of Resident Evil 5. We can only wait for official confirmation from Capcom.

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