Spectators at the start of the Bundesliga: between ghost game and 10,000 fans

While there may be a ghost game in Munich, the number of spectators in Dortmund will probably be five digits – but only citizens of North Rhine-Westphalia are allowed to apply for tickets there. The situation in Stuttgart is still unclear. An overview.

FC Bayern Munich – FC Schalke 04: Ghost game threatens

Although Bayern are likely to have around 15,000 spectators in the stadium according to the current 20 percent rule, the opening game of the new season of all places threatens to be empty. The reason: The seven-day incidence (corona cases per 100,000 inhabitants) in Munich was last at 40, but the concept stipulates that fans are not allowed if the rate is exceeded by 35 and the infection is not localized. Here, the infection process in the Bavarian capital will decide at very short notice whether the opening game is also given an atmospheric setting. So far there has been no concrete statement from the association. According to dpa information, Bayern are preparing for a game with fans.

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) said on Wednesday (September 16, 2020) that there was an exchange with the city of Munich, but also with other cities such as Nuremberg, Augsburg and Würzburg. Perhaps you can find a model with a little fewer spectators than agreed between the countries on Tuesday to enable games in front of fans, he said according to participants in a speech at the CSU parliamentary group meeting in the state parliament. However, no decision has yet been made.

Eintracht Frankfurt – Arminia Bielefeld: Probably 6,500 fans

Eintracht Frankfurt had already received approval for 6,500 fans from the health department last Friday. It is not yet certain whether the Frankfurt-based company will adjust its hygiene concept again and increase the capacity to the theoretically possible 10,000. In any case, the 6,500 tickets will be raffled among the 31,000 season ticket holders. They are and have been informed of the details of the procedure – there is a recommended travel time window and a minimum distance between each seat allocated. Families would also have to take the corresponding individual seats in the stadium.

1. FC Union Berlin – FC Augsburg: 5,000 season ticket holders with a lucky draw

Union Berlin had already approved 5,000 fans for the first home game before Tuesday’s decision. Here, too, the tickets will be raffled among the season ticket holders who take part in the raffle. If there are remaining contingents, they will be made available by Friday at the latest, and the association may then want to inform you about the possibilities of getting these tickets.

1. FC Köln – 1899 Hoffenheim: 9,200 fans – only those without reimbursement

1. FC Köln has slightly more than 6,500 season ticket holders who have waived a refund. When the 9,200 approved seats are allocated for the first home game, they are also given preference. Only then are the fans’ turn, who have claimed a refund. A rotation principle is to be established here in order to give different fans the chance to get tickets. In general, a lottery procedure should be carried out, but due to the short-term nature of the game, an exception is made for the Hoffenheim game: online ticket allocation will be activated from Thursday afternoon.

Werder Bremen – Hertha BSC: All tickets are gone

Werder Bremen had already earmarked 8,500 spectators – exactly the 20 percent allowed afterwards – for the first home game. Because 5,000 season ticket holders made inquiries, the quotas have already been exhausted. They will be raffled electronically among the “applicants”.

VfB Stuttgart – SC Freiburg: Probably still without fans

At VfB Stuttgart, around 12,000 spectators would theoretically be possible for the first home game. But there are indications that the short-term reorganization could be a pitfall. Probably only the second home game of the Swabians against Leverkusen will be carried out with this regulation. The association has not yet commented on this.

Borussia Dortmund – Borussia Mönchengladbach: 10,000 spectators there – only from NRW

16,000 would theoretically be possible, due to the hygiene concept, which is designed for 10,000, BVB leaves it at this planned number for the top game on the first match day. The season ticket holders have already been informed by the association and can now apply for tickets. If the demand is too high, the lot decides. In particular: In order to be able to guarantee the follow-up in the event of a possible infection in the stadium, the tickets are only given to fans who are domiciled in Dortmund or North Rhine-Westphalia. But that only applies to the first home game. One is in discussion with the authorities in order to be able to guarantee access to other fans.

RB Leipzig – 1. FSV Mainz 05: 8,500 tickets raffled

It had long been decided that RB Leipzig would play in front of 8,500 fans. The tickets are or were raffled among season ticket holders who had actively applied for tickets.

VfL Wolfsburg – Bayer Leverkusen: First only 500

VfL had hoped to be able to use 20 percent of the stadium capacity and thus 6,000 seats for spectators on Sunday. In order for this to be possible, however, the Corona regulation of the Lower Saxony state government must first be adapted. That should only happen in the coming week.

“We had hoped that we could play in front of significantly more spectators on Sunday and had already received the green light from the local authorities in this regard. But always with the proviso that the state of Lower Saxony still has to give the final approval,” said VfL- Managing Director Michael Meeske. “It is of course a shame for our fans that this cannot be implemented by next weekend. But we are pleased that we can give more fans the opportunity to watch the game live in the stadium during our second home game.” VfL’s second home league game will take place on October 4th against FC Augsburg.

The Bundesliga weekend at a glance

Part Expected viewers
Bavaria – Schalke Possibly a ghost game
Frankfurt – Bielefeld Probably 6,500
Union – Augsburg 5.000
Cologne – Hoffenheim 9.200
Bremen – Hertha 8.500
Stuttgart – Freiburg Possibly none
Dortmund – Gladbach 10.000
Leipzig – Mainz 8.500
Wolfsburg – Leverkusen 500

Some other clubs are still in the process of clarification

The clubs that start the season with an away game have a little more time to organize. Accordingly, not all have yet responded publicly to the new requirements and options. Bayer Leverkusen, for example, has already announced that it is planning to have 6,000 fans. The tickets are initially to be raffled among the season ticket holders “who have decided on the” lottery pot “variant for the 2020/21 season,” says the club’s website. Schalke 04 is still in the organization and wants to present a concept soon. Just like Arminia Bielefeld and other league members like SC Freiburg, which still wants to coordinate with the local health authorities.

Those: sportschau.de


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