Spectacular images of light phenomena in Oslo – VG

Monday afternoon and evening, large parts of the sky over the capital have bathed in a special light phenomenon. Probably a result of the winter cold, says meteorologist.


On Monday afternoon and evening, a number of readers have submitted photos and tips about pillars of light that have appeared in the sky over the capital and in Eastern Norway.

According to meteorologist on duty Espen Biseth Granen at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, the images may resemble a weather phenomenon called “Light Pillars”.

– They occur because it is so cold. Then small light crystals are formed in the air, which means that the light is refracted in a special way, the meteorologist explains to VG.

See readers’ photos of the light phenomenon below:

According to Granan, the air is especially dry when it is cold. Monday has been up to ten degrees below zero in the capital.

– It happens because it is cold and then the air can not hold the moisture. It depends a bit on humidity and temperature, he says and jokingly adds:

– Even if it is good and cold, there are some benefits that can be derived from it.

According to the meteorologist, warmer weather is expected towards the end of the week.

– The temperature will gradually rise, and the freezing cold will gradually release the roof, says Granen about the coming weather change.

Do you have video or pictures of the light phenomenon? Send email to [email protected] or sms to 2200

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