Specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A42, the Cheapest Series Smartphone that Supports 5G Features

PR BANDUNGRAYA – Samsung finally officially launched smartphone latest internet connection 5G.

Smartphone comes from the Galaxy A series family, Galaxy A42 5G. Other than that, smartphone this is expected to be a cell phone 5G cheapest of Samsung.

Previous, Samsung Galaxy A42 5G reportedly officially introduced in England. The cell phone is powered by chipset latest made by Qualcomm which was released last month.

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However, now Samsung has officially launched Samsung Galaxy A42, cell phone 5G aimed at the premium middle class.

With an identity Samsung Galaxy A42 5G, this device has some amazing features.

The price is relatively cheap compared to cell phones Samsung 5G others, and are quoted Prbandungraya.pikiran-rakyat.com from The Verge, here are the full specifications of Samsung Galaxy A42.

As a note, Samsung Galaxy A42 5G comes with four built-in features including network support 5G, chipset Snapdragon 750G, fingerprint in-display, and a 6.6-inch Super AMOLED display.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G now it is the cheapest cell phone Samsung with the network 5G.

The device is sold for a 4GB RAM variant and is only £ 349 or Rp. 6.7 million for 128GB of internal memory.



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