Specifications for Realme X3, 5 million cellphones with dozens of million camera quality

SUKABUMI MANTRA- Here we will convey specification Realme X3 HP IDR 5 million with quality camera Rp tens of millions.

Realme X3 come with specification surprisingly, equipped with camera The main one is unusual but is priced at a price range of Rp. 5 million only.

Realme X3 comes with full confidence if it can compete with high-end smartphones.

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Why not, Realme X3 equipped with specification fierce like camera main feature and equipped with Super Zoom capability.

Moreover, the price is not too expensive, Realme X3 must be very in demand in the world smartphone market.

Following specification Realme X3 summarized by mantrasukabumi.com quoted from the official realme.com website.

Realme X3 has a 6.6 inch screen with IPS LCD which makes the screen HP you become clearer and wider.

It seems Realme X3 also suitable for playing exploration-themed games such as FUBG or Mobile Legends.

Not only that, Realme X3 also supported by a charming body, the article Realme X3 using Corning Gorilla Glass 5 body.


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