Specialized Subjects for Instruction

Discover the subjects of the BAC 2023

This page will be updated as the subjects are received.


Arts: theater

Arts: cinema-audiovisual

Arts: plastic arts


contemporary world english


History-Geography, Geopolitics and Political Science (day 1)

History-Geography, Geopolitics and Political Science (day 2)

Humanities, Literature and Philosophy (day 1)

Humanities, Literature and Philosophy (day 2)

Economics and social sciences (day 1)

Economics and social sciences (day 2)

Mathematics (day 1)

Mathematics (day 2)

Digital and Computer Science (day 1)

Digital and Computer Science (day 2)

Physics-Chemistry (day 1)

Physics-Chemistry (day 2)

Engineering Sciences

Life and Earth Sciences (day 1)
Life and Earth Sciences (day 2)

EPS (day 1)


STMG Law and Economics
STLphysical and chemical sciences
STL physics and math
STL biology, biochemistry and biotechnologies

ITS2D digital
STI2D physics and maths
STI2D conception
STI2D construction
STI2D energy

STD2A conception
STD2A Design

STHR economy

ST2S chemistry

Access to subjects from Group 1 foreign centers

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