Special meeting of EU foreign ministers in New York

Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization on Wednesday. Now the EU foreign ministers have announced an extraordinary meeting.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock. – AFP / Archive


the essentials in short

  • EU foreign ministers want to meet for a special session.
  • The round was called for 2:15 am.
  • In the background, the partial mobilization announced by Putin.

After Kremlin head Vladimir Putin’s renewed escalation into the war in Ukraine, EU foreign ministers want to meet in New York on Wednesday (local time) for a special meeting. This was confirmed by diplomatic sources on the sidelines of the general debate at the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday.

The German Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock, is also expected to participate in the talks. The round was called by EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell for 2:15 am German time.

Vladimir Putin orders a partial mobilization of his armed forces.
Vladimir Putin orders a partial mobilization of his armed forces. – Kremlin swimming pool Grigory Sysoev / Sputnik via AP / dpa

Putin had previously ordered a partial mobilization of his armed forces.

It starts this Wednesday. He also wants to solve the problems of the personnel at the front. At the same time, Putin announced that he would support the bogus referendums planned in the occupied territories of Ukraine on joining Russia, which are considered illegal worldwide under international law.

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