News Special birth in the Netherlands: vulnerable red panda ...

Special birth in the Netherlands: vulnerable red panda Inland


The cub is doing well, says Kris Jansen, head of animal care. “We are confident that it will be big.” Mother Angeles was pregnant for 4.5 months. The young was born early this month.

“The young is fragile in the first period, which is why we leave Mother Angels, Father Turner and their son or daughter completely alone. We disturb them as little as possible, so we do not get into the nest and therefore do not yet know which gender has the new addition. ” For that reason, the animal has no name yet.

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Visitors will have to be patient to see the animal: “Red pandas are real nest animals and the young stay there for a long time. They only come out after about three months ”, says Jansen.

The park helps with the birth of the young in the breeding program of the red panda. The animal species is classified as vulnerable. The animal is mainly found in mountain forests in China. They prefer to live by a flowing river, from which they can drink. The red panda mainly eats bamboo. Red pandas average between 50 to 60 cm long and weigh three to six kilos.


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