Special and video- Who are the female artists that Fares Karam describes as “rockets”? Are there differences with Rotana? Will he perform a concert in Saudi Arabia?

The “Art” website conducted an interesting interview with the Lebanese singer Fares Karam, in which we discussed a number of issues, including his new songs, which he recently released, “Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Ya Dani, Rocket and Dawa al-Ahmar”, and their hierarchy for him, and the artists he says are “rockets”, and the extent of He was betrayed, and also about the possibility of him performing a concert in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the near future, and we also discussed in our conversation with him the truth about his disagreement with Rotana.

It is worth mentioning that “Hallah, Hallah, Ya Dani” was written and composed by Fares Iskandar, musically arranged and recorded by Omar Sabbagh.
“Dawa Al-Ahmar” written by Mazen Daher, composed by Fadl Suleiman and arranged by Omar Sabbagh, and “Saroukh” written by Ahmed Essam, composed by Fadl Suleiman and arranged by Omar Sabbagh.
Details of the meeting with the artist Fares Karam in the attached video:


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