Sparta won the derby after five and a half years, Slavia fell in the league after 54 matches

The Sparta footballers won the 10th round of the first league in a long power play over Slavia 1: 0. The jubilee 300th Prague derby was decided in the 42nd minute by a direct kick with the premiere goal in the Czech highest competition Lukáš Haraslín just a few moments after the guest Aiham Ousou was eliminated after the second yellow card.

The Spartans defeated the city rival after 14 mutual matches and for the first time since March 2016. The Slavic defending champion in the league suffered defeat for the first time since last March after a record 54 duels. In the season of the highest competition, there is no longer a team that would not lose.

In front of 17,093 spectators, Sparta won for the second time in a row in the league and got a point ahead of Slavia to second place in the table. Letenští loses four points to the head of Pilsen. The Vršovice team has a well-postponed match with Olomouc.

While the Spartan coach Vrba built the same basic line-up as in Thursday’s winning duel of the European League group with the Rangers (1: 0), his counterpart Trpišovský made five changes compared to the loss at the Feyenoord Rotterdam 1: 2 in the European Conference League.

“This week was very important for us and we managed it. I’m very happy for that. I warned the players that it will be a similar match as with the Rangers. They are also strong on the ball and have great footballers like Slavia. We were waiting for the opportunity that came and we scored a goal, “Vrba said at a press conference.

In the sixth minute, Hložek shot the golfer Schranz’s arm after a corner kick, but the referee Berka let the game continue. Immediately, Ousa’s head dropped the ball into Mandous’s counter-movement, but the visiting goalkeeper prevented him from making his way into the net.

In the 14th minute, Masopust found Kuchta in the lime from the car throw-in, who pushed Panák, but did not celebrate his 100th league start with a goal, as he did not beat Nita up close. Lingr’s hit ended next door. After less than half an hour, the home team also got to the first bigger chance. Pešek briefly played the standard situation on Haraslín, whose shot was kicked from an angle in front of the goal by one of the defending Slavists.

With 34 minutes played, Pešek nearly put the visitors another one up as he broke through in the middle and fired from just outside the box, but his shot passed just over the bar. Seven minutes later, the red-and-white hitchhiker Ousou illegally stopped Haraslín on the edge of the lime and Judge Berka expelled him after the second yellow card.

The home team used the power play immediately when Haraslín’s direct kick from 23 meters Schranz unhappily knocked into Mandous’s counter-movement. The 25-year-old Slovak midfielder scored the first goal in the fourth league duel in the Letna jersey. Slavia collected against Sparta after four competitive matches.

“Ivan (Schranz) was standing in the wall, I saw the balloon all the time. I went after it to the right, Ivan wanted to help me and stretch, unfortunately the ball flowed into the counter-movement. I didn’t have time to come back and catch the shot. , “Mandous regretted.

“It wasn’t just me who decided the derby, but the whole team. Guessing is always before such a standard, but I believed in it. At first I wanted to play it a little differently, but then I noticed that the goalkeeper can’t see the ball at all. “the ball on his side, so it falls there. Fortunately, it was with a small flow,” said Haraslín. Immediately, the agile winger broke into the sixteen and Mandous turned the balloon away at the last moment in front of the running Minchev.

In the second half, instead of the Slavist Samko, the former Spartan Stanciu jumped at the displeasure of domestic fans. “We collected our own goal, which was a difficult situation. Even so, we tried to do something with the match. Unfortunately, we had to improvise by losing another stopper, the players were in non-traditional positions. We wanted to not get under pressure, hold the ball. and try to balance the match despite standard situations and a running match, which we didn’t do very well, “said Trpišovský.

The home team could increase the lead immediately after the change of sides, but Haraslín only hit Mandouse. Stanciu then stretched his teammate from the Romanian national team Nitu from a distance. After almost an hour of play, the lone Haraslín took the opportunity to finish up close, and Hložek did not succeed either.

Coach Trpišovský then sent midfielder Plavšič to the lawn, who came to Eden in the summer from Sparta. Home fans “greeted” him with a deafening whistle. In the 83rd minute, Pavelek’s ground shot ended on the side net. The guests did not develop a significant opportunity even in the fragmented conclusion.

Sparta defeated at Letná Slavia after six competitive matches and did not lose under Vrba in the 14th domestic league duel. The red and whites outside found the winner in the highest competition after 27 matches. “The match was very dramatic until the end. In the end we played it very well and experienced and we deservedly won 1: 0,” said Vrba.

10th round of the first football league:

Sparta Prague – Slavia Prague 1: 0 (1: 0)

Goal: 42. Haraslín. Judges: Berka – Hájek, Kříž – Franěk (video). ŽK: Pavelka, Dočkal, Sáček, Nita – Ousou, Köstl (assistant coach), Kuchta, Krmenčík, Bah, Trpišovský (coach), Traoré, Bořil. ČK: 41. Ousou. Attendance: 17,093.


Sparta: Nita – Wiesner, Panák, Čelůstka, Hancko – Pešek, Pavelka, Sáček, Hložek (89. Pulkrab), Haraslín (72. Polidar) – Minčev (65. Dočkal). Coach: Willow.

Slavia: Mandous – Masopust (77. Traoré), Ousou, Holeš, Bořil – Samek (46. Stanciu), Ševčík – Bah, Lingr (65. Olayinka), Schranz (77. Krmenčík) – Kuchta (62. Plavšič). Coach: Trpišovský.



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