Sparta, look out! Zlatan stle vl and surprises his coach


The Vdsk phenomenon had to omit two leagues due to coronavirus, but in the remaining ones it was as … young? Sp as usual lately.

He entered the d duel in the Italian top competition and scored twice, adding one goal to qualifying in the European League qualifiers.

Zlatan also surprised me with the condition. Unbelievable, said coach Stefano Pioli on the cameras of Sky Sport Italia television. Ibrahimovice coronavirus knocked out of the game on the arrest of, thirteen days had to spend in isolation and fell out of the thorns routine. A bag of starvation rushed and he immediately entered the game over Inter – spch, which the AC fans had been waiting for for five years.

One week later, by adding two gly during Monday’s 3: 3 draw with AS, he fired a cannon into the table. It was not easy to hit so many times at the start of the season, he continued.

Ibrahimovic’s statistics after his return to Milna in January are admirable, the almost forty-year-old scorer scored 16 goals in twenty-one duels in the Italian league and scored five assists.

The team, which in recent years resembled a lot of giants, lost only two times in the line-up.

If Sparta joins the European League on Thursday, Sparta can do something about it, so if that really happens, Coach Pioli will get a little mysterious, eZlatan will need some rest from time to time.

If he chooses to go this week, it does not mean that the Czech club is easy. Miln scored more than two games in eleven laps in a row and the duel with me showed that a great form can be played by other footballers.

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Twenty-one-year-old Portuguese tonk Rafael Leao enlisted the assistance of Ibrahimovice and Alexis Saelemaekers, demonstrating modern speed and technique.

AC Miln played in front of Sparta about the goal and the scorer from Glasgow, they have the lead

In the last encounters, the Saelemaekers are able to play a significant bite of Franck Kessi and experienced day stopper Simon Kjaer.

On the other hand, the half-time did not lead to an irreplaceable goal, a jump for the unwavering team Gianluigi Donnarumm, only together with Jens Petter Haug he contracted coronavirus and he will not be likely to fight him against Sparta.

Romanian Ciprian Tatarusanu made a mistake before the first goal, when he missed the center from the corner. After his grin, he wasn’t sure what Pioli had stuck in. The mistakes were a bite of football, happen. It was his debut, it had such an impact. But it’s a good goal.



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