Sparks with Langmajer! Plodková defends herself, but the photos speak for themselves

As noticed, in Thailand it’s just laughter, good food, fun on the beach and sunbathing. And rather than hard work, it looks like a great girl with Langoš, with whom Fetal unites great friendships.

Jana Plodková for My Psychology

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The fact that neither of the actors was too noticeable began to be noticed by the followers and dug into Plodková here and there. And Jana? She immediately launched an offensive! “So that it doesn’t look like we just enjoy the exits, the west, the sea, the storms, the rainbows, the pineapple juices and coconuts, the monkeys, the monitor lizards, the papaya salad, but we also work here. With all seriousness, ” she wrote to one of the common photos. It’s hard to say if that was enough as an apology, because Plodková is all over it, so hopefully the result will be worth it!

Jana Plodková: I am not afraid of the covida, but of the maglajza of the regulation

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