Spanish journalists denounce attacks during FC Porto-At. Madrid – FC Porto

Movistar commentators surprised by “four freaks”

Movistar commentators highlighted for FC Porto-At. Tonight’s Madrid denounced live an attack that they have been subjected to by a group of FC Porto supporters. The situation was shared live by Jose Sanchís, the main commentator, shortly after Rodrigo de Paul’s goal, the colchoneros’ third at home to the dragons. “They’re attacking us… Four crazy people. Very excited people… Be calm, be calm. Security has arrived, and things are getting ugly. This has never happened to me in my life!”, said the commentator , and then there is a long silence, as reported by the ‘AS’. The situation, it seems, will have been remedied with the presence of security. “Fortunately, they didn’t hit us directly,” added Sanchís, at a later time, with everything calmer.

Later, after the game, the trio of commentators appeared in the Movistar images, ensuring that everything was overcome and that they were safe. “It’s okay, it’s fine,” he said. There are simply people who don’t understand that part of our job is to report At. Madrid’s goals, even more with the euphoria and passion that Atlético’s qualification deserves. From then on, they get upset, but they are underprivileged minds. And nothing else. Just point out that part of the FC Porto security team, which was on our side, made a mistake in the team, whom they had to defend…”

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