Spanish Grand Prix: Third Practice Session Live Coverage and Analysis of F1 2023 Championship

[F1] – Hello dear readers of and welcome back to the appointment dedicated to the written live coverage of the third free practice session of Spanish Grand Prixseventh act of the 2023 F1 championship.

Last ‘tests’ of pole position

On Friday Max Verstappen clearly dominated, especially as regards the race simulation. On the flying lap, however, as happened in the previous six races, Red Bull doesn’t seem unbeatable and Nico Hulkenberg’s third time not far from the Dutchman suggests that the Ferraris of Leclerc and Sainz can have their say in the hunt for pole position. The evolutionary package of the SF-23 gave good answers, but Leclerc in the long run after a few laps once again went into a tire crisis. We’ll see if Ferrari will opt for a work program not exclusively dedicated to maximum performance in these 60 minutes.

Session in progress

13.28 – 20.5 for Sainz like Norris previously.

13.26 – Error also for Gasly. Sainz and Leclerc are back on track with slicks.

13.25 – Norris is much faster with slick tires than in previous time trials with intermediate tyres.

13.24 – The first two sectors are dry, the third is wet.

13.23 – Norris tries the slick rubber.

13.22 – Gravel exit for Stroll in Curva-5.

13.20 – Norris pointed out that the intermediate tire is already ‘burnt’ after a few laps.

13.19 – Verstappen lowers Ocon’s reference by a tenth in 24 ″ 1.

13.18 – Leclerc has returned to the pits, Albon signals via radio that the track is quite dry.

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13.17 – For now the fastest in these conditions is Esteban Ocon in 24″2.

13.16 – Russell reports that it’s raining, but that the track doesn’t look that wet.

13.15 – Magnussen and Ocon also took to the track. Max Verstappen is about to do the same.

13.12 – Track really difficult to read, the Ferraris raise little water in some points, most likely if Qualifying were to be like this the drivers would most likely use slicks.

13.10 – He now descends on the Charles Leclerc track with an intermediate tyre. With him also Carlos Sainz.

13.05 – Norris did just one lap before immediately pitting.

13.00 – Norris breaks the delay and takes to the track with an intermediate tyre.

12.55 – No rider takes to the track because the track continues to be ‘hybrid’, not too dry nor too wet.

12.50 – Sargeant’s knockout prevented the riders from making a second lap. Below is the telemetric comparison between the Ferraris and Verstappen. In the only fast lap completed.

12.47Green light at the bottom of the pit lane, but the track is neither for slicks nor for intermediates and therefore the riders wait.

12.45 – It’s raining on Montmelò, the track could be for intermediate when we get back on track.

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12.42 – This is the picture after the mini-activity before Sargeant goes off track.

12.40 – The Williams driver lost the rear at the last corner.

12.39 – Sargeant is in the gravel, Red flag.

12.38 – Hamilton improves, drops to 408 thousandths of a delay, Sainz is fourth, Leclerc seventh.

12.37 – Alonso enters fourth position, six tenths behind Verstappen.

12.36 – Hamilton complained about the driveability of his Mercedes, the seven-time world champion pays 462 thousandths to Verstappen.

12.35 – The Ferrari drivers have only run in the set of medium tires and have now switched to the soft tyre.

12.341’13″664 immediately for Verstappen, Perez is not far at 250 thousandths, then Hamilton and Russell.

12.33 – Medium tires for the Ferrari drivers, soft for Verstappen and Perez.

12.32 – Russell is notified by radio that the rain will arrive immediately and then increase in intensity.

12.31 – It is immediately runway invasion in the light of lightning that can be seen on the horizon.

12.30Green light at the bottom of the pit lane, the clouds over Montmelò are eloquent.

12.25 – Pirelli will provide an extra set of Intermediates to all riders before Qualifying in case of rain.

12.20 – 22°C the air temperature, 29°C that of the asphalt. The chances of rain in Qualifying are now as high as 50-60%.

12.10 – For now, the Mercedes here in Barcelona seem to be in difficulty, according to Alonso, however, Hamilton will sooner or later have the opportunity to aim for an eighth title again.

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12.00 – Adrian Newey has revealed when he was really one step away from heading to Maranello to join Scuderia Ferrari.

11.50 – Ferrari updates found space in the newspapers on newsstands today.

11.40 – In F3, one-two for the Williams academy with O’Sullivan ahead of Browning, podium for Leonardo Fornaroli, Minì paid dearly for a contact with Mansell which cost him a ten-second penalty which made a remarkable comeback from 18th to eighth disappear.

11.30 – Let’s start our report with Federico Albano’s detailed analysis of Friday’s free practice based on telemetry data.


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