Spanish government to declare state of alarm this Sunday – Jornal Económico

The Government led by Pedro Sánchez is preparing to approve this Sunday, at the headquarters of the Council of Ministers of an extraordinary nature, the State of Alarm for the entire Spanish territory, the newspaper “País” advances this Saturday.

“El País” says that support for this measure has been growing in the country, as a series of autonomous communities have come together to stimulate the Alarm State. Thus, the executive of Pedro Sánchez will meet this Sunday with an extraordinary character.

Government sources report to “El País” that this Council of Ministers, which was planned for Tuesday, was brought forward to the weekend after knowing the position of great of the leaders of the autonomous communities.

The Melilla region was the first to promote this measure. The Basque Country, Asturias, Extremadura, La Rioja, Catalonia, Navarre, Cantabria, the Valencian Community and Castilla-La Mancha followed.

Throughout this Friday, these leaders of the autonomous communities (assigned to the PSOE, Ciudadanos but none of the PP) asked Pedro Sánchez to “articulate this constitutional tool to impose extraordinary restrictions in the face of the unstoppable advance of the coronavirus in almost all the national territory.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said this Friday that the actual number of infected people in Spain exceeds three million and warned that “very difficult months” are coming, as the pandemic continues to make thousands of infected people a day in Spanish territory, points out “The Guardian”.

“Studies carried out by public institutions led by scientific experts indicate that the actual number of people infected in our country exceeds three million compatriots,” said Sánchez.

Despite the increase in cases, the Spanish Prime Minister has not yet announced a curfew in the territory, although several territories have asked to do so, and the Government is currently considering the measure at national level.

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