Spanish former king Juan Carlos certainly does not sleep in the palace

After the weekend, Juan Carlos will travel to Madrid to meet his son, the current Spanish King Felipe VI. On that occasion is also a reunion between Juan Carlos and the woman with whom he lives unofficially on a separate footing, Queen Sofia. Juan Carlos emphatically does not stay overnight in the royal palace Zarzuela.

“On the same day, His Majesty will fly back to the United Arab Emirates,” said a cool press release from the Spanish royal family. “Where he has established his permanent residence.” The statement also states how from now on Juan Carlos will return to Spain “regularly” to visit family and friends.

No legal investigations

The former king left Spain with his tail between his legs in August 2020 after more revelations came about corruption scandals involving him. The ex-monarch has been living in a villa on the island of Zaya Nurai . ever since off the coast van Abu Dhabi.

There are currently no legal investigations against Juan Carlos in Spain. It is true that the Public Prosecution Service discovered numerous irregularities, such as concealing, channeling or laundering money flows. But all these offenses date back to the period 1975-2014, when Juan Carlos was inviolable as king. Illegal transactions would also have continued after 2014, although the former king eventually settled this matter with the tax authorities after a payment of about five million euros.

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