Spanish cinema lands at the 2021 Gijón Film Festival

As usual, the Gijón / Xixón International Film Festival, which this year is celebrated between On the 19th and 27th of this month of November, it offers a careful selection of Spanish films that reinforce the leimotiv of its 59th edition: the bet on a reconstruction cinema in the face of uncertainty.


A cinema that dialogues with the present, pointing out new directions. Thus, the 59 FICX have again Spanish representation in most of its sections, renewing its support for works that do not yet have distribution in Spain.

The project of FICX celebrates also the news that will receive the largest financial contribution of its history by the ICAA – Ministry of Culture of Spain, among the more than a hundred festivals that were presented to the national call, and that represents a cumulative increase of 70% compared to the 2017 edition.

At the 2021 Gijón International Film Festival, there will be a special screening of Maixabel, the last movie of Icíar Bollaín, who will receive the Woman Film Award of the contest. Will also present Who prevents it by Jonás Trueba, who will be present in Gijón. The Lands in Trance section includes the world premiere of An impassive sky from David Varela and Welcome to ma maison the new of Andrés Goteira.

After going through several national and international festivals, he could not miss Gijón Brave flash by Ainhoa ​​Rodríguez, project that had the support of the Push Play Work-in-Progress laboratories of FICX Pro and Abycine Lanza. Within the Retueyos Official Selection, Asturian-Argentine filmmaker Amalia Ulman will premiere in Spain The planet, black comedy shot entirely in Gijón. And within the Special Passes section and with the presence of the Asturian filmmaker Gonzalo Suarez, which this year will receive the Isaac del Rivero Prize of the contest in collaboration with Filmoteca Española, which will present its latest work, Wings of darkness.

The Asturian Luis Argeo will premiere worldwide Empathy, a film about Spanish emigration to the United States that complements the exhibition Invisible emigrants. Spaniards in the United States (1868-1945), organized by Organized by the Spain – USA Council Foundation in collaboration with the Municipal Foundation of Culture, Education and Popular University of the Gijón / Xixón City Council, from tomorrow November 18 at the Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto.

Within the section Esbilla – Equi y n’otru tempo, there will be room for films such as Shadows by Joan Tisminetzky, at the center of which are the experiences and reflections of the director of photography Tomàs Pladevall. In the same section, it is framed Shadow train by the filmmaker José Luis Guerín. For his part, Miguel Ángel Blanca will present Magaluf Ghost Town, and the Spanish co-productions Disturbed Earth (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, North Macedonia) by Kumjana Novakova and Guillermo Carreras-Candi; Shooting for Mirza (Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina) by Juan Gautier; and German production Inside the Uffizi by Corinna Belz and the Asturian filmmaker Enrique Sánchez Lansch. This section also hosts the world premiere of the documentary hidee by Juan Luis Ruiz Fernández, Robertina Turon by Konchi Rodríguez and Innocence interrupted scored by José Riveiro. Other Asturian premieres will be Haystacks by the photographer and editor Antonio Corral Fernández and Mines de Figareo. Memory of a Llucha (1978-1980) scored by Alberto Vázquez.

Spanish cinema lands at the 2021 Gijón Film Festival

‘Robertina Turón’

In the selection of short films in competition, it is worth highlighting the premiere of key titles of the season such as Sycorax (Spain, Portugal) by Lois Patiño and Matías Piñeiro; The nest of birds from Lucia Estévez, So the night will come from Angel Santos, 36 from Ana Number and Syllabary (Spain, France) by Contes Marine.

Likewise, they will have their short world premieres signed by leading filmmakers in the new Asturian cinema scene: Breast pathology from Teresa Marcos and Manual mowing from Samuel fernandi. The contest also premieres Darkness from Carlos Navarro e Ivan Martinez, present in Esbilla Spectru. They complete this selection No thanks from Guillermo Alba Buitrón and Life from Agnes Ornia Luna.

The section Asturies tanneries offers, with the support of RTPA, short-form films, divided into two sections. Among the short films scheduled in competition are The last beginning by Gloria Gutiérrez Asla and Jorge Delgado, Epokhe Elmer Guevara, winner of this section at FICX 2020; Ribbon by Diego Flórez, Guanabacoa, land of watersby Juan Caunedo Domínguez; Yum Yum by David Rodríguez Muñiz and Watts by David P. Sañudo.

In the short films presented in the selection shows they find each other Centrifuges by Antonio Llaneza, Hate crime by Pablo Vara, Duel by Elena Román and Pablo Cuervo, The lover from Millanes Rivas and Paula Vegas, Just Talk by Juan Soto, One less night by José Riveiro and Xanas, de Envis.

Spanish cinema lands at the 2021 Gijón Film Festival

‘Wolf Totem’

And again they return to the Gijón Film Festival The night of the Spanish short, one of his most anticipated appointments. The 2021 selection is made up of Wolf Totem directorial debut of actress Verónica Echegui and Descartes by Concha Barquero and Alejandro Alvarado; both are released in collaboration with ZINEBI. They complete the sample Girls always tell the truth by Virginia García del Pino, The other things that separate us by Elena Ballvé Martín and Àlex Gantzer Soler, Every day sundays by Alberto Dexeus and I do not want more, by the young Asturian filmmaker Alicia Moncholí.



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