Spanish actress Susi Caramelo told her hilarious and frustrated love story with Lionel Messi

Susi Caramelo She is one of the funniest actresses and stars in Spain. With a humor that does not escape self-criticism, he knew how to win the affection of viewers. This week, in the program Illustrious ignorant, told an anecdote that left everyone speechless: the day he turned down an invitation from Lionel Messi, because he didn’t know who he was.

“Many, many years ago, in a distant galaxy, when I was very young, I spent a month dating an uncle who didn’t even speak Spanish. I, in turn, did not speak a single potato of English. We only understood each other by gestures, as if we were a deaf-mute couple. (…) I knew very little about this guy, the only thing I knew was that he was good and that things were going well for him. I would not be with a guy just for his money, but if suddenly you run into a guy who is hot, who treats you well and has a pussy on top, let’s go! (…) I am in favor of marrying a millionaire, for love, ”he began by recounting.

And he continued: “One night we went together to a disco. I was in the VIP area, one of the few times that I didn’t have to sneak in, and I was there like a queen. The turkey was out there, and at one point in the night I go into the bathroom and there was like a hall. There, suddenly, I find a boy and a girl and a kid ”.

“I hear them say, ‘Well, Lionel, we’ll see you outside later. We wait for you and decide what to do. ‘ While they were talking, I went into the bathroom. I go out, I’m washing my hands and all of a sudden the kid was just sitting on his couch, and I’m very nice and I talk to everyone, I ask him: ‘Is your name Lionel?’ He answers yes. And I say to him: ‘Like the Lyonnais? And what do you like, cream or chocolate? And I think I remember that he told me about cream ”.

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“Total I say: ‘Well, see you later’, and I turn off. And when I’m out and they start to turn on the disco lights and they start to kick people out, I see this kid going to the DJ booth, he starts to say goodbye to him. I was waiting for the other one, but I see him looking at me and starting to make faces at me, to smile ”, he continued his story.

“When they start to kick us out, I go out, he comes to me, and he says: ‘What are you doing now?’ I told him I was going to wait outside for the boy I had gone with. And when I finish the sentence, suddenly a crowd of people comes and they begin to shout: “Leo! Leo! ”. They corner him in a corner. I totally stay out of the corral and wonder who this guy is. There they tell me: “It’s Leo Messi, the best soccer player in the world.” And I answer: “Don’t screw me, I just told him I’m with someone else!”, Continued the actress.

And he reflected, laughing: “At that moment, I remembered my brother’s collection of stickers. Why not instill the collection of stickers in the aunts, so that we do not miss the signings! ”.

“I leave the kid with all the commotion and go to where my parked car was to wait for the other one, and suddenly Leo comes again and says: ‘Are you coming to my house? We’re going to have a party with some friends. ‘ I would have gone … But I said no, because he was so poor that I thought: ‘As long as I go to this guy’s house, they won’t even kick me out with a red card. Two days later, the other left me ”, he concluded.


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