Spain joins the European purchase of the Astrazeneca vaccine

Spain, together with other Member States, has joined the centralized purchase of the European Comission (EC) of COVID-19 vaccine from the company Astrazeneca, which is being developed by researchers at the University of Oxford (UK). The distribution will be made equitably between countries according to their population, as reported by the Ministry of Health in a statement.

The European Commission has negotiated in recent weeks the centralized purchase of the Astrazeneca vaccine, one of the most advanced alternatives and is already carrying out clinical trials to ensure its safety and efficacy.

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Apart from this first agreement to which Spain has adhered, the EC negotiating committee continues in talks with the different companies that are developing vaccine alternatives to meet the vaccination needs of the European Union and third countries.

According to Health, two of these negotiations “are already well advanced” and the companies plan to present an official proposal “shortly”. All these negotiations are framed within the European Vaccine Strategy, to which Spain joined in July, which is based on establishing a unique European position that guarantees global and equitable access to the vaccine to protect the entire population.

With this aim, the European Alliance focuses on supporting the biotechnology industry to accelerate deadlines until achieving a safe and effective vaccine, increase its production capacity and thus be able to guarantee doses for the European population.

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