Spain barely escapes collision of two passenger planes

Both planes were on the same lane

The Iberia plane was in the middle of the runway and was about to take off when another plane started approaching in the same runway.

An Iberia Express passenger plane was forced to interrupt takeoff at the airport of the Spanish island of Tenerife (autonomous community of the Canary Islands) due to the landing of another aircraft in the same lane. On Sunday, October 24, reports TASS with reference to the carrier’s press release.

It is noted that the incident occurred on Saturday with the liner, which was supposed to fly to Madrid. As the airline clarified, the plane “was forced to interrupt takeoff when it was on the runway by order of the control tower.”

“During this maneuver, safety precautions were followed throughout the entire time and the instructions of the dispatchers were followed, who, in view of the landing of another aircraft, requested to interrupt the takeoff,” the carrier said. According to him, after that the plane returned to the parking lot for refueling and other procedures, and then flew to its destination.

As noted by the radio station Cadena COPE, the second aircraft, which was to land in Tenerife, belonged to Air Europa and arrived from Madrid. The Iberia plane was in the middle of the runway and was ready to take off. The captain of the aircraft explained to the passengers that he had to interrupt the maneuver because another plane began to land on the same runway, so in the event of takeoff, “two planes would collide in the air.”

By the way, in 1977, at the same Tenerife airport, the largest disaster in the number of fatalities in the history of civil aviation occurred. Then two airliners collided on the runway. As a result, 583 people died.

It was previously reported that in the USA a passenger plane caught fire during takeoff… The captain immediately stopped the aircraft, received confirmation of engine damage and ordered an evacuation.

In the United States, a plane with a helicopter collided in the sky

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