Spain and United Kingdom reach agreement on Gibraltar – Jornal Económico

“The practical result is that the fence will be broken down, facilitating mobility,” said the minister at a press conference at the Moncloa Palace to report on the state of negotiations with the United Kingdom on Gibraltar.

The principle of the agreement reached will allow the application of European Union policies and programs to Gibraltar, such as the Schengen agreement or a customs regime for the traffic and transport of goods and measures of fair competition in the fiscal, environmental, labor and social fields.

“We are breaking down barriers to build an area of ​​shared prosperity,” said González Laya.

With the principle of the agreement, he explained, Schengen will be applied to Gibraltar, with Spain being the country responsible for control, and the borders will be changed at the port and at the airport.

During a transition period of four years, Frontex will assist these controls.

After the conclusion of this principle in agreement with the United Kingdom, Spain will have to ask the European Union to consolidate it in a treaty that González Laya hopes to see ready in six months time.

While this agreement is being drafted, “the Schengen provisions will be used to ease controls on the fence,” he said.

“We know how much this distressed the citizens of Campo de Gibraltar and the Gibraltarians,” he added.

González Laya defended that this principle of agreement “constitutes a solid base on which to build the future relationship of Spain and the United Kingdom” with which they wish to “reinforce” the relationship in this new stage after Brexit.

The minister, who announced that she will appear at the Congress of Deputies to account for this agreement, has already informed the President of the Andalusian Government, Juanma Moreno, of the terms of the agreement and will do the same for the spokespersons of all political groups.


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