SpaceX successfully lands’Falcon 9’despite bad weather

(Photo = Space X YouTube capture)

SpaceX set a new record for reuse by launching its 17th Starlink satellite in 2021 and re-landing the flying Falcon 9 rocket.

The launch took place at 8:02 a.m. (local time in Florida, USA) on the 20th, and the satellites were delivered as planned in about an hour after take-off. The Falcon 9 propulsion rocket used for this launch has already made seven flights, including putting the Serious XM satellite into orbit in December.

It is evaluated that the success of this landing is very meaningful. This is because the wind speed exceeded the safety standard when the rocket reached the landing point located at sea.

With this success, SpaceX is expected to increase the tolerance for wind speed. As a result, it is expected that the cancellation of the launch due to weather conditions at the landing area will decrease.

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