SpaceX: Enigmatic gesture in a space capsule after the launch of the Elon Musk rocket

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Millions of TV viewers were amazed at the live recordings from the SpaceX space capsule “Dragon2”. A dinosaur flew through the picture. That was behind it.

Cape Canaveral – countless TV viewers around the world* watched the breathtaking launch of the SpaceX rocket from Cape Canaveral spaceport into space on Saturday evening. It was impressive live recordings of the picture book launch of the Falcon 9 missile. It took the rocket just a few minutes to reach space. Then there was a puzzling scene in the “Dragon 2” space capsule – seen live on TV.

One of the two astronauts held up a soft toy dinosaur, which then hovered in front of the camera. It is an ancient tradition of space travel NASA – and there may also be a message to the family on Earth.

SpaceX: This is behind the dino scene in the Dragon2 space capsule

Once a spaceship Zero-G reached, that is weightlessness, the flying “blind passenger” indicates that you have left Earth. It is, so to speak, the indicator that one is outside the earth’s gravitational force. At this point, the astronauts themselves are still firmly strapped to their seats and are not yet floating. It was immediately researched online which stuffed animal had made it into space this time.

Third SpaceX passenger: Another soft toy dino was already on the ISS

That it was a stuffed animal dino, of course, could also have been a message down. Because Astronaut Douglas G. Hurley, who let the dino fly, is married to Karen Nyberg. She is also an astronaut and took a homemade dinosaur with her for her son Jack in 2013 ISS.

Astronaut Karen Nyberg took this dinosaur to the ISS.


The new spaceship dino will also be up to International space station get there, that’s where Hurley is on the Falcon 9 rocket. It is the third space mission for the 54-year-old American.

Elon Musk posted a similar photo from the Dragon2 space capsule

A small fabric globe was included in a Dragon test flight in March. Elon Musk* himself proudly posted photos of the plush earth in the space capsule. Meanwhile, the billionaire dreams of even bigger goals: he wants Send people to Mars*. With his Starlink project* but he also caused criticism from astronomers. Strange fairy lights can be seen from Earth.

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