Spa bonus starting from 11 November

You can regenerate or heal yourself at the spa today thanks to the spa bonus starting from 11 November. All citizens, starting from 11 November, will be able to book spa treatments at accredited facilities, with a 100% discount and up to a maximum of 200 euros per person. There are no limits on ISEE or belonging to a family unit, nor health prescriptions. The bonus is provided for by the decree-law 104 of 2020, issued in the middle of the Covid era, as a tool to revive the fate of the many spas present in all the regions of Italy, from Veneto to Campania, from Trentino to Tuscany or Umbria. .

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Having become operational with the issuance of the Decree of the Ministry of Economic Development of 1 July 2021, the measure allows spa operators, starting from 28 October, to be accredited on a platform made available by the Ministry of Economic Development and managed by Invitalia. From 8 November, citizens will be able to contact the spa facilities directly to request the chosen treatments and take advantage of the discount.

Spa bonus starting from 11 November. The crisis of the spa sector in Italy and the post-pandemic revival

The bonus introduced in 2020 is therefore at the starting line today. The measure aims to tackle the serious crisis that has hit the spa sector for several years and that has been aggravated by the pandemic. As stated in the report presented by Federterme Confindustria to the Budget and Finance Committees of the Senate last March, on the occasion of the examination of the bill for the conversion into law of decree-law 41 of 2021 (urgent business support measures and to economic, labor, health and territorial services operators connected to the COVID emergency) Italy offers a rich heritage of 320 spas present in all Italian regions and in 170 municipalities. The sector, in the past the spearhead of the national economy, before the pandemic generated a turnover of 1.5 billion euros and employed 60,000 employees.

The economic crisis of recent years has forced many spa operators to close their businesses due to the restrictions introduced by national laws and the total absence of foreign customers.

Today the economic and health conditions seem to presage a restart but the relaunch will be possible not only by granting discounts or bonuses to citizens. In fact, the result can be obtained by investing in the modernization of the spa facilities and carrying out promotional activities suitable for attracting foreign customers who have always loved quality spa tourism.


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