SP is angry with pied-à-terres in the city: ‘Inexplicable practice’

A nice studio for the weekends or a nice apartment to spend the holidays. Many Amsterdammers may not imagine it, but there are people who have a second home in the city, a so-called pied-à-terre. The SP wants the city council to investigate how many homes are involved and whether regulation is possible.

In an investigation into vacancy in the city, officials of the municipality visited 673 addresses that no one is registered with last year. In 195 cases it turned out to be a house that is used as a second home.

City councilor Erik Flentge calls this an ‘inexplicable practice’, especially in times of housing shortage. ‘There are more than enough hotel rooms available for people who want to holiday in Amsterdam. Houses are there to live in, and not to serve as an unnecessary luxury facility for people who already have their own place to live. ‘

Flentge wants the city council to find out exactly how many pied-à-terres there are in the city. He also asks the city council for rules. “What possibilities does the municipality have to regulate or make impossible the number of second homes, so that homes can be used again for normal habitation?”

Only non-Amsterdammers

Moreover, it is not possible for Amsterdammers to have a second home in the city. Only people who are not registered in Amsterdam can have a pied-à-terre.

According to Flentge, the rules are not clear. He therefore wants answers from the city council. ‘Can anyone with a house elsewhere and a generous bank account take a second home? What is allowed and what is not allowed? ”

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