Southeast Asia’s Internet Speed ​​Rankings Show Indonesia at the Bottom


Ookla re-released report Speedtest Global Index February 2023 issue. Ranking Indonesian internet speed has increased, but is still lagging behind countries in Southeast Asia.

In the two categories measured by Ookla regarding internet speed, there are contrasting results between mobile internet and Indonesia’s fixed broadband in the second month of 2023.

The average mobile internet speed in Indonesia currently reaches 20.17 Mbps, placing 103 out of 137 countries in the world. This made it up two ranks from last month.

Even so, Indonesia’s mobile internet speed has not been able to get rid of the ‘title’ as caretaker in the Southeast Asian region. This is because Indonesia is still in last place compared to neighboring countries.

Fastest Mobile Internet Speed ​​Ranking in Southeast Asia in February 2023:

  • Brunei 85.15 Mbps (rank 16)
  • Singapore 75.17 Mbps (rank 22)
  • Malaysia 44.22 Mbps (rank 46)
  • Vietnam 42.67 Mbps (52nd place)
  • Thailand 40.10 Mbps (54th place)
  • Laos 30.61 Mbps (68th place)
  • Myanmar 26.70 Mbps (75th place)
  • Philippines 24.58 Mbps (80th place)
  • Cambodia 21.09 Mbps (96th place)
  • Indonesia 20.17 Mbps (103rd place)

Meanwhile, Indonesia’s fixed broadband category in February also grew, but not significantly compared to other countries. As a result, Indonesia’s position dropped one place to rank 120 out of 180 countries.

As before, speaking of fixed broadband internet speed, Indonesia was only able to excel from Cambodia and Myanmar, but lost to Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei and Singapore, which were at the top of the standings.

Fastest Fixed Broadband Internet Speed ​​Ranking in Southeast Asia in February 2023:

  • Singapore 237.15 Mbps (tier 1)
  • Thailand 203.28 Mbps (6th place)
  • Malaysia 93.01 Mbps (rank 36)
  • Vietnam 91.60 Mbps (39th place)
  • Philippines 90.03 Mbps (40th place)
  • Brunei 48.77 Mbps (rank 85)
  • Laos 29.49 Mbps (111th place)
  • Indonesia 26.38 Mbps (120th place)
  • Cambodia 20.80 Mbps (127th place)
  • Myanmar 19.68 Mbps (133rd place)
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Speedtest Global Index February 2023 for Indonesia.. Photo: Ookla

Meanwhile, seen as a whole, Speedtest Global Index February 2023 shows that the average global internet speed for downloads in the mobile internet category reaches 39.77 Mbps, uploads are 10.18 Mbps, and latency is 28 ms.

The average global fixed broadband internet speed for downloads hits 78.62 Mbps, upload internet speeds of 34.39 Mbps, and 9 ms latency.

Speedtest Global Index February 2023. Photo: Ookla

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