South African Coach Surprised by Al-Ahly Jeddah’s Winter Transfers

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South African Pitso Musimane admitted that he was surprised by the deals of new players in Al-Ahly Jeddah during the winter transfer period, indicating that the Saudi players had the upper hand in returning the team to the Saudi Roshen League again.

Musimani said to the program “In the Goal”: I was surprised by the new players Amaral and Nicholas Melesi in training because I did not know they were coming. I tried to make suggestions to the players, but they did not want to listen to me and decided to bring other players.

And I follow: Amaral and Melissi did not help us qualify because they came when we were in first place.

And the South African coach continued: Some players were feeling pressure when playing in Jeddah because of the fans, and some of them were unable to present what they had.

Pitso added: My salaries were delayed for a period ranging between two and two months, I did not get my salary per month, and the last salary I received, as well as the players, was last January, and imagine this beautiful story that qualification takes place despite the players not receiving bonuses and salaries.

And about what happened on the day of the coronation, he replied: The team manager informed us in the meeting that we will not celebrate because Al-Ahly only celebrates major tournaments, and this is something I must respect.

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