Soundiron updates the Twine Bass Kontakt virtual instrument to v2.

Soundiron recently launched an updated edition of the Kontakt Twine Bass instrument library, showcasing a modified cello and the seem of the regular Kenyan fretless stringed Bolon.

In this 2. update, they reworked the sampling and put it into their efficient four-tier product. This update contains ambient pads, atmospheric hums, nuanced soundscapes, and 20 tailor made impact presets to provide a beginning issue for your next creation.

Employing string as strings, they tuned the cello in a variety of methods and utilized it as a double bass. The resulting audio is quite loud, with prosperous, warm resonances, punchy reduced frequencies, and a delicate, woody good quality. The bolon attributes a horn neck and gourd system with four strings of string and a suede resonating head via which the strings pass directly. In addition to deep string sampling with 10 round-robin 14 velocity concentrations, they also sampled numerous other seems these as glissando legato, string damping, register plucking / twisting, finger strikes and strikes, and other percussion outcomes on the human body of the instrument. .

You can pick up the Twine Bass appropriate now at Plugin Boutique for $ 25 (it was $ 39) and the sale finishes August 24 for the full edition of Kontakt.

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