Souček: Even more success can come to the World Cup than to the EURO, FAČR

None of your generation has played at the World Cup yet. Is it a big challenge for you to play in Qatar, especially a year after the successful EURO?

For most of us, EURO was the first big tournament. We all enjoyed the championship and achieved great success. Even greater success can happen at the World Cup, in addition, it is played in a year. The goal for everyone is to get there and experience such a tournament. When we qualify, we have a team to succeed, just as we did at EURO.

Thanks to the rankings from the League of Nations, the barrage is almost certain. However, it wants to take second place in the group after Belgium, so that you can start the play at home.

Second place is definitely very important for us. We want to beat Wales to maintain the great confidence we had at the EURO and to show off to the fans. We definitely want to be second, it’s a big match for all of us.

Schick’s revenge? We don’t have it in our heads, refuses Captain Tomáš Souček


How do you deal with a large number of absences? Especially your club partner Vladimír Coufal may be significantly missing …

Every loss is known … I am on the team with the Government every day, our cooperation on the field is huge. We feel the losses, but we have a big step ahead of us, which we have to manage without the boys. We have a lot of other players who have to replace them. We managed a few workouts together. I believe that we are putting together a strong team to manage the match with Wales.

Patrik Schick at the national football team training

What physical condition are you alone in?

There are really a lot of matches, it’s challenging. But we all do football for them. Due to the busy schedule, he trains less and we can play such big matches. I’m glad, I believe, that I will be fully prepared. I feel very good physically, maybe I’ll transfer it to the playground and help the boys.

You lost 0: 1 in Cardiff in March. What do you expect from your opponent now?

We watched a lot of videos, saw their offensive and defensive phase. Our first match was also included. I’m expecting the typical island football we know from them. A very difficult match, similar to them. I believe that we will learn from mistakes. We were punished there for chances we didn’t give.

Jan Kuchta introduces himself to the team at the national team training. My girlfriend also came to shake

The return of gunner Patrik Schick is a welcome help.

I am glad that Patrik shows great performances in Germany. I’d even rather bring them here to us. He’s our important shooter, striker. He is not alone, we must all support him. No one has a revenge for Wales, where he got a red one, in his head. We didn’t play a good match there, we all lost there as one team. We don’t even think about what was going on there. We want to beat them.

Is it true that you go to the polls at the weekend?

Now we only focus on the match to manage it as best we can. On Saturday morning, we have the opportunity to go to the polls from the national team. We are happy, we can choose a party that everyone believes.


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