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SoSIM is back online! The latest finding is that ParknShop and Watsons both sell SoSIMs. They are not only used in Hong Kong. They recently changed the way to play. The price is also $33, but you can choose to use it locally or turn it into a travel SIM. The cost of travel online is still affordable. Absolutely the same card!

Free choice of local and outgoing SIM purposes

We kid you not, there are so many prepaid SIMs in Hong Kong, SoSIM really is the most popular! I don’t need to explain too much, I know I don’t have to search around or go to convenience stores, but I can buy it in almost 400 Parknshop or Watsons supermarkets in Hong Kong and I can buy it online at Kaibakka and Watsons If you return one for personal use, it will be delivered directly to your home.

SoSIM is most famous for its affordable data rates, $33 already has 50GB of local data usage. Recently, everyone can give SoSIM a big makeover! After opening the card, you can log into the SoSIM app to pick up a local card within 48 hours and it must be a special card for outward journeys. If you choose the latter, the $33 SoSIM will look like this:


▲ (Left) Within 48 hours of opening the card, you can access the SoSIM app to withdraw local use and use for outbound travel.
▲ (middle) Asia-Pacific outbound travel data includes all outbound travel hotspots.
▲ (Right) On the SoSIM app, you can see the remaining days of travel data.

5 days of APAC data + 3GB of local data

– Dating data for 24 locations in the Asia-Pacific region, including recently popular tourist destinations such as Mainland China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand.
– Even with 3GB of local data, it’s convenient to switch to SoSIM before boarding the plane, and you can continue surfing the Internet at the airport. Later, you can use the same card to purchase a 60GB/5000 minutes/30 days local plan for $33.
– You can access the Internet immediately after arriving at your destination airport, so you don’t have to queue to buy a local SIM.
– 5 days trip data includes 500MB daily data usage and you will have unlimited internet access (128kbps speed limit).
– It should be noted that since this card includes data from Hong Kong, you must first use your real name before using it. If you’re using outbound travel data only, you don’t need to register with your real name!

An average of $6.6 can be delivered across Hong Kong in one day

At $33, one meal and two meals are not available, but the amount of travel data for 5 days has already been purchased. We have made a comparison with similar SIM cards. SoSIM includes 5 days of data in the Asia Pacific region when you open the card. The average price is $6.6 per day, which is lower than the competition. Don’t believe me, just see the comparison below.


There is more detailed information and how to buy based on rank

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