Sorry, Avanza is just a concubine, this is the ‘King’ of Indonesia’s new car

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gaikindo) released data on car sales wholesales (distribution from factory to dealer). In October 2021, at least car sales grew 54.1% on an annual basis (yoy) compared to October 2020.

Even so, on a monthly basis, October car sales fell 10.2% when compared to last September. Surprisingly, Avanza sales slumped 77.41% or only to 1,701 units in October.

This is not without reason. The news of the appearance of the All New Avanza has an impact on potential consumers who postpone purchases to wait for a new model.

Another car replaced the Avanza as the “king” of Indonesia’s best-selling car in October. Who is he?

Citing the same data, the car with the highest sales position that month was the Toyota Rush. Where sales reached 5,312 units.

The largest contribution came from the 2021 New Rush 1.5 GR Sport A/T with sales of 2,798 units. Followed by the New Rush 1.5 GR Sport A/T 2021 with 2,508 units.

The two types of New Rush were released with the new GR variant last August, so they are able to attract buyers. In second and third positions are the Daihatsu Sigra which sold 4,773 units and the Mitsubishi Xpander (including the Xpander Cross) with 4,743 units.

Meanwhile, from the pick-up segment, the Daihatsu Gran Max managed to occupy the fourth position of the best-selling car with sales of 4,265 units. There was also a Suzuki Carry Pick Up which sold 4,188 units.

Here’s the full list of 10:

1. Toyota Rush: 5.312 unit

2. Daihatsu Sigra: 4.773 unit

3. Mitsubishi Xpander (termasuk Xpander Cross): 4.743 unit

4. Daihatsu Gran Max Pick-up: 4.265 unit

5. Suzuki Carry Pick-up: 4.188 unit

6. Toyota Kijang Innova: 4,162 units

7. Toyota Raize: 2.690 unit

8. Daihatsu Ayla: 2,643 units

9. Honda Brio: 2,093 units

10.Toyota Fortuner: 1.963 unit

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