Sørenga | Man sneaks up on girls in the water at Sørenga:

– Really creepy, says witness.

Several bathers received more than they asked for at Sørenga sea bath in Oslo on Wednesday afternoon.

Then a man followed a group of happy girls out into the water, and in addition he is said to have stretched out his arm and touched several of them under water.

One of Nettavisen’s journalists, who was not at work, happened to be present at Sørenga, and was able to observe the man. The journalist felt obliged, and first made a guard at the scene, and then the police, familiar with what the man was doing, and a patrol was sent to the scene.

– It was first my friend who saw the man touch the ass of several of the girls. Afterwards, he heard one of the girls comment to her friends that “he touched my ass”, says the journalist.

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Followed the movements

The online newspaper‘s journalist then followed the man’s movements, and discovered a pattern.

– He walked back and forth, restless, at the same time as he looked around. It was so obvious that when a group of girls came, he followed them. If the girls went out into the water, he followed, the journalist says and continues:

– When they were out in the water, he circled quietly around them and approached carefully. The last time I observed it, I just had to get up with my cell phone to document. It was really “creepy”.

Video footage shows the man swimming very close to the girls, back and forth while watching them.

– It is quite clear what was the intention of the man, the friend of the journalist says.

Click on the image to enlarge.  POPULAR: Sørenga sea bath, at the far end of Sørengkaia, there were many people on Sunday.

POPULAR: Sørenga is a favorite bathing spot for Oslo citizens. The photo was taken on a previous occasion.
Photo: Anders Lohne Fosse (Mediehuset Nettavisen)

Expelled from the place

On Wednesday night, operations manager in the Oslo police district, Rune Hekkelstrand, states that the police received the man’s ID, and then expelled him from the scene.

– The man has been logged and formally expelled on suspicion of unusual behavior, he says to Nettavisen.

Click on the image to enlarge.  operations manager rune hekkelstrand

DEPOSITED: Operations Manager Rune Hekkelstrand informs Nettavisen that the man was expelled by the police after the incidents.
Photo: Police

Hekkelstrand further says that the police spoke to several other witnesses at the scene.

– We also talked to several people involved. There is no basis for creating a case on the relationship, he says.

The operations manager can not say anything about this type of incident is common, but states that this was the first reports of similar today.

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